09h00 – 09h15: Welcome & introductions: launch of RecSysChallenge Workshop 2012 – Slides

09h15 – 10h00: Session “Working with Datasets

  • The MovieLens dataset – Michael Ekstrand [15']
  • Mendeley’s data and perspective on data challenges – Kris Jack [15'] Slides
  • Processing Rating Datasets for Recommender Systems’ Research: Preliminary Experience from two Case Studies - Giannis Stoitsis, George Kyrgiazos, Georgios Chinis, Elina Megalou [15'] Slides

10h00 – 10h30: Session “Algorithms & Experiments

  • Usage-based vs. Citation-based Methods for Recommending Scholarly Research Articles - André Vellino [15'] Slides
  • Cross-Database Recommendation Using a Topical Space - Atsuhiro Takasu, Takeshi Sagara, Akiko Aizawa [15'] Slides

10h30 – 11h00: Coffee break

11h00 – 12h30: Session “Putting in Real Use

  • From a toolkit of recommendation algorithms into a real business: the Gravity R&D experience – Domonkos Tikk [30'] Slides
  • Selecting algorithms from the plista contest to deliver plista’s ads and editorial content on premium publisher’s websites - Torben Brodt [30'] Slides
  • Mendeley Suggest: engineering a personalised article recommender system - Kris Jack [30'] Slides

12h30 – 14h30: Lunch break

14h30 – 15h30: Session “Frameworks, Libraries & APIs” – Introduction

  • Hands-on Recommender System Experiments with MyMediaLite - Zeno Gantner [15'] Slides
  • Using Apache’s Mahout and Contributing to it - Sebastian Schelter [15'] Slides
  • Flexible Recommender Experiments with Lenskit - Michael Ekstrand [15'] Slides

15h30 – 17h30: Session “Frameworks, Libraries & APIs” – Hands On

  • Breakout in groups working with the presented frameworks, libraries and APIs – using dataset samples from this year’s challenge [120']

17h30 – 18h00: Wrap up and ideas for future RecSys Data Challenges